Posted by: marjbicknelljohnson | April 25, 2016

Lost Jade of the Maya

For 500 years, no one knew where all those jade artifacts in museums came from. Where were the jade mines? It turns out there are no jade mines–because jade isn’t found that way. But jade has been discovered in Guatemala in one place within the past 20 years. But one source isn’t enough–those museum pieces come from at least 7 different sources.

So why not send Chanla Pesh, Maya shaman and lecturer on Mayan Studies, to find more sources? In Lost Jade of the Maya, Pesh searches for the lost Mayan jade with her shaman’s talisman. Gods of the underworld Xibalba torment her, and murderous Guatemalan crime lords stalk her. Then her 7 year old daughter Yash is kidnapped. Read about Pesh’s adventures when Lost Jade of the Maya appears on Amazon in mid-May. Cover design by Linda Myro Judd.

Lost Jade Cover LMJ - lighter


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